PoolSpark Promise

We guarantee that you won't lose your contribution if a member defaults on a payment. PoolSpark will step in to complete the pool.

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PoolSpark is a trusted community of like-minded individuals who are looking for an alternative way to increase their financial flexibility, without the high interest rates. The foundation of our service is trust. In order to maintain the integrity and trust within our community, PoolSpark GUARANTEES that all payouts in an active pool will be made even if a member defaults or is late on their payment. If a situation arises where the pool cannot be completed, all of the contributions for the non-defaulting members will be returned in the same amounts that were transferred.

As a reminder, in addition to our security measures, we take several steps in order to ensure all members are verified and have valid bank accounts. To learn more about what happens if you're late or in default, please visit our Terms and Conditions.