Your First Pool is Free,
Then One Simple Fee.

Your first pool is always free, after that there's a 3% fee when you collect your payout. That's it. No hidden fees and you only pay it once. (i.e. a $1,000 payout only has a $30 transaction fee.) Take that credit cards!

Start Pooling

P.S. We guarantee all pools! Learn more about the PoolSpark Promise.

We want PoolSpark to be affordable, easy to use and easy to understand. That's why we only have one simple fee for all pools and for all members. For example, a pool with 10 members pooling $100 per member will have a $1,000 Payout, minus your transaction fee of $30.

When it comes to helping yourself and the community, without "breaking the bank", credit cards and check cashing stores are no match for money pooling!

To learn more about PoolSpark, watch our video below.

You can also visit our FAQ page or contact us.