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Increase Your Financial Flexibility
Pooling gives you more options to manage your finances.
Help Others Achieve
For every contribution you make, you’re creating opportunity for others.
Boost Your Buying Power
Use your payout to get better rates or deals.
Goal Oriented Savings
Payouts are great for down payments, trips or to pay down debt.
No Interest, No Worries
Unlike credit cards, there’s no interest on your contributions or payouts.
Secure Way to Pool
PoolSpark uses bank-level security to protect your funds.

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Start a pool and invite your friends or family.


Members contribute an agreed upon amount to the pool.


Members take turns receiving their pooled payout.

Member Stories

Here's what they have to say about us and why they joined a pool.

I grew up pooling funds with family and friends. It's a great way to save for things I need. I'm so happy PoolSpark is here to do all the heavy lifting!


40 years pooling

My parents have been participating in pools, it just had a different name. Same concept but this is even better since I don't have to bother anyone for my payout. Thank you, PoolSpark!


30 months pooling

My mom is pooling funds right now! I can't wait to tell her about this new service that'll make it so much easier for her and everyone in her pool.


35 years pooling